A pop torch song written for a young and talented newcomer whose husband abandoned her and her two small children in her new country. Lyrics and music were composed and are sung by Donna Greenberg, to a fine arrangement by Mark Kieswetter.


Without You Lyrics

Morning rising,
Sun comes up,
No more crying
It’s bound to be tough.
Tried to find the reasons
Why you’re leaving,
Thinking of the seasons,
All those seasons.

You’ll go your way,
I’ll go mine.
Remember when we started,
It seemed so fine.
Chili-hot ev’nings,
Summer-sweet days,
Laughing or crying,
Caring always.

Feeling down,
Feeling blue,
Feeling lost,
Without you.
Feeling scared,
So unsure
What will I do without you?
Without you.

Morning rising
Like ev’ry other day.
Moon still sinking,
You’ll soon be on your way.
Tough times lie ahead for me,
“Cause we’ll be apart,
One day I’ll stop grieving
But you’re still in my heart.

© 2019. Donna Greenberg, Toronto, ON, Canada

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