Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay

A wonderfully crafted traditional pop track and I can certainly see fans of the genre strongly connecting with it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the great pleasure of experiencing Donna Greenberg’s captivating vocal style before, specifically in Edmund Fairfax’s gothic-language-based “Baris Standith”, a beautiful A Cappella arrangement that showcased Donna’s truly engrossing vocal style and rich timbral characteristics, and having listened to a “Slumber Caresses Your Eyes” a few times now, I can see why I was so intrigued when I saw Donna’s name appear again. Both wonderfully performed and superbly written, “Slumber Caresses Your Eyes” is the type of track that is just so easy to get swept up by, and whether it’s the warm enveloping textures, sweeping melodic phrases, or utterly divine vocal performance at its heart, this is a piece of songwriting that boasts both striking maturity and elegance, resulting in a listening experience that feels wholly unique and musically enriching.

It goes without saying that yet again Donna gives a truly exquisite vocal performance, each and every word and delicately conveyed phrase is delivered with such nuance and tonal dexterity that the track can’t help but adopt a grand sense of decorum and finesse. It also helps that the musical accompaniment is filled with a great deal of contrasting timbral personality, from the subtle woodwind to the free-flowing strings and tender percussive elements, each and every corner of the arrangement wonderfully compliments Donna’s vocal style, allowing the piece to flow exceptionally well.

Whispers in the Wind

Zachary Larson, Radio Airplay

A love song that longs to start over, Whispers In The Wind by Donna Greenberg pulls at the listener’s desire for a second chance. The lyrics have clearly been written out of love, but with a deep shade of sadness as the romantic flame was extinguished long ago. Donna Greenberg has a beautiful singing voice and carries the tune effortlessly. She emphasizes a clear delivery, gentle tone, and smart phrasing. The melodies soar high above the orchestral backdrop and captivate the listener with their beauty. The energy lifts to a new level as the percussion kicks in. At this point, there seems to be no end to the majesty and splendor emanating from the song. With the release of Whispers In The Wind, Donna Greenberg takes listeners on a gorgeous journey through a somewhat somber territory, and leaves them wanting more. 

The lyrics dive into a very particular mood and state of being. Many love songs take a generic stance at human relationships – giddiness, loss, longing etc. But Whispers In The Wind points out that a fire can be relit under a relationship, and there is hope in doing so. This provides the listener with something more substantial than many Pop songs care to have in stock. 

Esta Noche

Jon Wright, Radio Airplay

Endless hilly meadow illuminated with moonlight. Digital composition.

Expanding the traditional format of Aria through a variety of instrumental additions, Donna Greenberg’s “Esta Noche” plays on the intimate dynamic of Solo Voice to deliver a rich and colorful original World Music experience! Enigmatic and atmospherically mysterious, “Esta Noche” leaves the listener feeling as though they’ve traveled – not just geographically in response to the song’s instrumental and melodic textures, but emotionally through the artist’s performative presence.

The two most impressive elements at work in “Esta Noche” are Donna Greenberg’s vocal approach and the overarching melodic motion that it carries! The artist’s careful deliveries give a great deal of space to the sound, further enhancing the song’s mysterious atmosphere and enticing listeners to come deeper into the soundscape with each passing phrase. A great deal of attention has been given to the harmonic composition as well, with moments like 1:41 finding a resolution that strikes Western ears as unexpected or “exotic” – and brilliantly sets up melodic passages like the one that follows at 1:52 to connect even more meaningfully with listeners. Lovely sounds!

Lost in Time

Steven Azami, Radio Airplay

“Lost in Time” is an intimate jazz pop ballad from veteran Canadian chanteuse/composer Donna Greenberg. Lush strings, brushed drum kit, and delicate vibraphone set a heady, intoxicating mood on this track that features Greenberg’s gorgeous vocals. More than your typical torch song, “Lost in Time” explores complex themes of self-reflection and the helpless feeling associated with the state of being lost and set adrift, all in Greenberg’s distinctive and indelible poetic style. Fans of jazz and traditional pop should find a lot to like about Donna Greenberg’s “Lost in Time”, thanks to its stirring and memorable qualities that harken back to an early to mid-20th century reverence and approach to songwriting that’s uncommon in today’s modern musical landscape.

Outstanding production, solid mix. Amazing piece of song craft, your lyrical efficiency and command of prose really shine through here. Those qualities are reflected in the arrangement, as well. Great harmonic voicing with the strings and winds, and an excellent build. The stop times and orchestra hits add some nice variety, and do well to break things up musically. Stellar vocal performance and production. Intimate yet powerful, with a quiet intensity that’s perfect for the context of this song. Overall, a wonderful piece of work in every facet. Fantastic job, all around!

Baris Standith

Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay

Lovers of world and chant/choir-based styles will find “Baris Standith” to be a highly rewarding listening experience.

Gracefully performed and wonderfully arranged, “Baris Standith” is a lavishly majestic chant piece that flows with the utmost elegance and delicate refinement. Donna Greenberg gives a mesmerizing vocal performance that is both engaging and heartfelt in its execution whilst the music and lyrics she so effortlessly brings to life, courtesy of arranger Edmund Fairfax, are magnificently realized and filled with an undeniably potent sense of spirituality.

Donna Greenberg’s vocal performance is nothing short of breathtaking and the level of tonal and dynamic control that’s on display is tantalizing, to say the least. The way in which the song’s many melodic lines flow seamlessly from one to another as well as the sheer precision that Donna possesses whilst conveying the beautifully written harmony parts is awe-inspiring. The striking amount of vocal range Donna has is also outstanding, the way she manages to single-handily fill out the texture of the piece by covering a diverse range of pitches is marvelous and is a testament to her vocal prowess.


Kristina Mondo, Radio Airplay

For fans of classical, instrumental, blues, jazz, and soul music. 

A captivating and enthralling piece of music, “Reflections” by Donna Greenberg is a polished classical depiction of Greenberg’s fusion of classical, blues, and Jazz. Greenberg has a deep love of music, and it shows in her music there is a great depth and musicality in her voice and her range. From the first note to the last you get lost in the music and the passion and control in Greenberg’s voice. Fans of jazz, blues, and soft pop will appreciate Greenberg’s sense of flair for the dramatic without going over the top, with her chops and professionalism she could sing just about anything. 

Greenberg’s vocals and melody are both polished, confident, structured, and leaving nothing to chance, Greenberg’s passion for her music, her versatility to experiment with a wide range of styles, and the warmth and drama in her voice are reflected in every note. Her vocals are clear and powerful, and her voice has a deep, almost smoky quality to it that is perfect for that jazz/blues ensemble. Her voice can be described as lyric soprano and is very similar to and reminiscent of Barbara Streisand. The overall tone of her voice throughout the song is velvety, sultry, and evokes sexiness but it is controlled and there is a nice tone and color to it. The melody is moderately classical that is sad, somber, and has a darker overcast of blues and jazz tone to it. The piano is soft and delicate, but the sound is rich at the same time.