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Donna Greenberg, the Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and lyricist, is celebrating the release of STUCK ON YOU, her fifth CD since 2009 and her first all-jazz album. Featured are nine songs that follow the winding path to and from love, by turns sorrowful, joyful, and ironic.

Arranged for jazz trio by Mark Kieswetter, these pieces are performed by Mark himself on piano, Jordan O’Connor on bass, and Ben Riley on drums.

Four of the songs are debuts: the sassy and flirtatious “Don’t Try to Change My Mind,” the sultry bossa nova “Meu Amor” sung in Brazilian Portuguese, the optimistic jazz waltz “There Will Always Be Spring.” and torchy “Go Your Way,” inspired by the Elena Ferrante story.

The other five songs are new renditions of earlier work: “You’re My Summer Peach,” “Why Can’t I Say Good-bye?,” “Dance the Night Away,” “I Kiss Your Open Mouth,” and “Reflections.”

This is music that will stick with you.

Release date: February 15, 2017

Lyrics/Music: Donna Greenberg

Arrangement: Mark Kieswetter

Translation: Ana Guiliano

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