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The WholeNote Nov. 2017 Review:  David Olds

“Donna Greenberg has chosen 13 unrelated poems from James Joyce’s Chamber Music (1907) to compose a song cycle that tells the story of unrequited love. She too touches many styles from classical to jazz to folk to tell her musical story, creating interesting accessible music. Her songs complement her voice perfectly, while superstar jazz pianist Mark Kieswetter performs and arranges for piano, voice, strings, winds and harp. The vocal and piano performances are extremely musical, especially in My Love is a Light Attire where the subtle piano introduction leads to straightforward singing about the splendours of love, setting the stage for an emotional wash of strings and shifting harmonies. Greenberg seems to be the most in her element in the jazzier O Cool, which features an extended piano solo and nice doubling of voice and clarinet against the bass line. It is great to hear Greenberg vocalize at low pitches against low instrumental timbres in Sleep Now, about insomnia and betrayal. Though not as dense as Jerrom’s, Greenberg’s song cycle is moving, smart and lyrical.”


Thrilled to announce how my music videos fared at the Cutting Edge International Film Festival 2017:

Winner: Best Music Video Award: Reflections

Winner: Audience Award Second Runner-Up: My Love is in a Light Attire

Winner: Audience Award Winner Third Runner-Up: Reflections

Nomination: Best Music Video: Don’t Try to Change My Mind

Special thanks to the beautiful work of video editors Duygu Basmaci & David Rawlings, musicians: Mark Kieswetter (arrangement & piano), Jordan O’Connor (bass), Ben Riley (drums), Drew Jurecka (violin), Bernardo Francisco Cisternas (sound engineer) & Number 9 Audio Group (recording) and all my friends and fans for all their support and encouragement.


Donna is a featured artist on the The Bob Birch Radio Show

Many thanks to Bob and his team and many thanks to the musicians who played on these tracks with me.

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We’re honoured to have our three music videos “My Love is in a Light Attire”, “Don’t Try to Change My Mind” & “Reflections” accepted into this wonderful film festival.

October 19th, 2017, through October 28th, 2017 for further information contact


Watch and enjoy!


Music from “Stuck on You” is featured in Virginia Music’s “Highlights”

Eight “highlights” have been added some of which features Donna’s “Stuck on You.”

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DJ-Thumb-Video“My Love is in a Light Attire” Music Video can NOW be viewed online!

“My Love is in a Light Attire” is the fifth song from the album Love Songs of James Joyce, a “song cycle” set to poems from Chamber Music (1907), an early poetry collection by the famous Irish writer James Joyce (1882-1941). This is an original song composed and sung by Donna Greenberg. Mark Kieswetter (arrangement/piano), Drew Jurecka (violin), Jordan O’Connor (bass), and Duygu Basmaci (video).

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“Don’t Try to Change My Mind” Music Video can NOW be viewed online!videothumb

As part of the launch of my newest CD Stuck on You, I’ve released a visually splendid video of “Don’t Try to Change My Mind”,  one of the tracks from this album.

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DiG_DJC_web-final1Donna sings The Love Songs of James Joyce at the Diasporic Joyce Conference at Victoria College, University of Toronto on Saturday June 24, 2017

For more details:



Donna’s new song “Reflections” is featured on the Yeah I know It Sucks blog

YIKIS writes: “We listened and enjoyed your music & decided to write a write-up for your music video of ‘reflections’. You can read it over at the following link:”


Donna is interviewed by Jazz Cafe, Camoes Radio

Donna has been interviewed by Jazz Cafe on April 19, 2017. You can listen to the full interview below:

Donna is featured in The Bob Birch Radio Show #158.

The show playlist includes:

  • Jay Douglas – He’s Got You
  • The Beach Boys – Caroline No
  • Ade Carr – Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • Kathleen Gorman – Can’t Help Falling In Love
  • Rod Kinny – Crystal
  • Trysette – Keep Me Dancing
  • The Beatles – And I Love Her
  • Donna Greenberg – Dance The Night Away
  • The Platters – I’ll See You In My Dreams

CD Stuck on You is NOW OUT!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my newest and fifth CD Stuck on You, an all-jazz album  with nine originals by me and arranged for jazz trio by Mark Kieswetter.

These pieces are performed by Mark himself on piano, Jordan O’Connor on bass,  Ben Riley on drums and of course vocals sung by me.

Sample the CD now


“Reflections” Music Video can NOW be viewed online! 2017-04-26_2132

As part of the launch of my newest CD Stuck on You, I’ve released a visually splendid video of “Reflections”,  one of the tracks from this album.

The video was created by Duygu Basmaci.